Can every Twitch viewer use Smart Click Maps?

Viewers have to be logged into a Twitch account to be able to interact with Smart Click Maps. Smart Click Maps only works for desktop viewers.

Are Smart Click Maps automatically activated for viewers?

  • If you install and activate Smart Click Maps before you start streaming (and before viewers open your channel page) this will be activate automatically.

  • If you are streaming when you install and activate the Smart Click Maps extension viewers may have to reload the page to enable Smart Click Maps.

Can viewers click anywhere on the screen?

The overlay works only on desktop in any mode (normal/full screen). The area of the screen with the video player controls can't be clicked. This is a limitation by Twitch so we can't change this.

I did everything correct but I don't see anything appear on my screen?

In order to see the Click Maps on your stream you need around 50 clicks in the same area. From your Twitch Dashboard you can see the number of clicks you have received and if the Smart Click Maps graphic are showing. If the graphic does not appear on the stream try the following:

  • Test the graphic URL by starting a Poll. Polls always show on the stream and don't require a minimum number of clicks.

  • Make sure you see the clicks appear in in the Extension Widget on the Twitch Dashboard.

  • Open the Graphic URL from the Extension in your browser to validate you see the same graphic as on the Twitch Dashboard

  • Check if you correctly added the graphic URL in your streaming software. More information on the installation page.

The graphics don’t correctly overlay my stream. What am I doing wrong?

Make sure you set the width and height of your browser source in a 16:9 ratio depending on your broadcast settings we suggest to use 1280x720 or 1920x1080. You can find more instructions on how to add the graphic URL to OBS or Xsplit here.

whey does The advanced graphic Url not display any graphics on my stream (OBS)?

The advanced graphic URL uses WebGL to create more advanced and attractive graphics. WebGL can be heavy on your CPU/GPU and is not supported by all streaming software. If the advanced graphics URL is not working on your stream try to use the basic graphics URL.

Can viewers see I'm using the smart click maps extension?

Yes, Twitch viewers that are viewing your channel on desktop can see active extension in in the player by clicking on the extension icon (see screenshot).