Smart Click Maps

Installation guide v1.0

Thank you for installing the Smart Click Maps extension on your Twitch Channel.

Smart Click Maps will allow your viewers to provide you with feedback in a more direct, visually appealing and exciting way. Smart Clicks Maps provides flexible tools that can be used to:

  • Invite viewers to click the game character the broadcaster has to play
  • Invite viewers to click in game gear, cards or other game specific elements that the broadcaster has to utilize
  • Invite viewers to select must use ingredients during a live cooking show
  • Allow broadcasters to do polls and trivia

Make sure to add the graphic URL to OBS or Xsplit so your viewers can see the results.

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Smart Click Maps contains the following functions

Smart Click Maps

Smart Click Maps allows viewers to click on areas on the video player after which the Ex Machina extension aggregates these clicks into click “blobs”. These blobs can be used to identify areas of interest or preference which in turn can be used for all kinds of interaction.


Polls are more structured and allow you to enter a question with 1 or more answers. Viewers can click directly on the answers to provide feedback.

Tug of War (coming soon)

Tug of war is the ultimate competition between your viewers. You provide two options (e.g. yes/no) and your viewers show their preference in real-time. The ultimate rope poll live on Twitch.