Installation instructions

How to install and activate Smart Click Maps

1. Go the Extension tab, find Smart Click Maps

1. Click ‘+ Install’ to add Smart Click Maps to your Twitch Channel

2.1 Click 'Configure' on the confirmation pop-up to open the configuration page

After installing Smart Click Maps you can also find the configuration page under 'My extensions' and clicking the gear icon.

3. Copy the graphic URL to your broadcast software (OBS, Xsplit)

Instructions on how to install the graphic URL and the difference between basic and advance graphics

Your graphic overlay URL is channel specific. Don't share it with anyone else.

4. Go to the Extension tab and click on your Twitch Dashboard and click 'Activate' to enable the extension.

Click 'Set as Overlay 1'

There will be a pop-up notifying you the Smart Clicks Maps extension is now active.

You can only activate one overlay extension at a time.

Make sure you add the graphic URL to your streaming software!

You're all set to use Smart Click Maps!

Learn how to operate Smart Click Maps

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